"The gifts you have received, 
give as a gift." Matthew 10:8


Faith in Action

The Early Childhood Learning Center is a family of faith where each child is respected and appreciated. Our students are given a solid foundation in Catholic teaching and tradition. Compassion, tolerance, responsibility and respect of self and others are principles that permeate our school and create a safe, caring environment where children thrive. In this atmosphere, students are inspired to achieve their personal best, both in and out of the classroom.

Prayer is integrated throughout every day. Children are encouraged to talk with God to share their successes, thank Him for their blessings and ask for help when they or those they love are in need. Our faculty and staff are wonderful role models as they share the gift of prayer with their students. Students participate in religion class and celebrate liturgical services together on a regular basis.

Our Catholic faith comes alive as children learn to use their time and talent in service to others. They have the opportunity to participate in a variety of service activities throughout the year. These outward signs of our faith are an integral part of the Early Childhood Learning Center.