Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do parents play an active role in the program?

Yes, parents are always welcome to visit the classrooms and help plan many of the celebrations. They are also very active marketing the preschool through Catholic School Management. 

2. Can non-Catholics register?

Yes, we welcome all faiths. 

3. Do children need to be toilet trained?

Yes, we do not have a diapering license. 

4. Does the preschool offer special classes within the curriculum?

Yes, foreign languages, music and technology. There is no extra cost for these classes. They are included in your tuition.

5. Are the classrooms peanut free?

Yes, and we have a peanut-free table in our lunchroom. 

6. Are you open year round?

No, September through May. We also offer 2 weeks of Summer Camp in June. 

7. What are your safety procedures?

Parents are welcome to join the classroom as a parent volunteer for special projects, activities, guest readers, and field trips, as well as, unlimited access to the classroom, if needed. Visitors must enter through the main doors and secure a visitor’s pass at the school office.